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Welcome to the County of San Diego star-seven video my name is Nancy forget monitored on, and I'll be talking about semiannual reports one or eligibility statuses the star seven form or legibility status report is used to determine ongoing benefits for Gasworks and Callers recipients sign and submit with our seven timely with attach required verifications and the county will use this information to determine ongoing benefit amount and eligibility reports the county what has changed in your last report this includes household composition changes in address or shelter cost medical costs' child support days and dependent care cost if you are receiving Afresh changes in employment or hours work or any changes in property of resources you must also report all earnings and or money received in the report month of those of you that are buying and procuring food with you or any relative if you are receiving Gasworks cash assistance you can also report anticipated income changes for example if you are shopping or starting on your job you may notice in your star seven that you have a specific month for which you are required to report information regarding your family this is called the report month this cycle is based on the applications or when you first start receiving assistance for example if you first started receiving assistance in January the SAR seven will ask for information for the month of May this is your report one you will have to return the form in June this is thus amendment the next payment cycle will start in July the county will mail you the SAR seven by the end of the report month you must include verifications and/or information that happened to your family in the report month the SAR seven is due by the fifth of the submit month contact the county we have not received a SAR seven by the beginning of to submit m'a if the report is received incomplete or late your benefits might be the later stop please be aware, but the county will have to collect any overpayment or over issuance is the information you reported in the SAR 7 cause your benefits to decrease for the next payment cycle you can submit this our seven online and upload verifications if you have my benefits Kelvin account please visit my benefits Kelvin that whole KG make sure you log in during this to the money or by mail by using the return envelope provided you can also submit in % at the drop box on our Family Resource Center you may also request a replacement of with our 7 by calling access self-service at one eight six two six two nine eight one how can I help you thank you for watching [Music]


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